Monday, January 17, 2011


Haluuuuu everibadi!!!..hehe

Here goes the first post by me, the cutest among these gorgeous girls. So, i bet you could guess which is me from the above pic. Yep!! You guys are absolutely correct!! I’m the 2nd from left – the girl in turquoise..hoho..

So actually, i was entrusted by Yah to write an entry on our short-late-afternoon-outing to Tutti Fruity, The Curve. Being my rebellious-self, I never intended to comply and post this entry. However, due to the huge piles of workload in the office with no actual dateline (ada, tp buat2 x ingat.. ;p), i decided to relax for a while (read: the whole day), and after 10 games of sudoku, hours of blog hopping, 3 games of scrabble, half tupperware of nasi goreng, and nothing else to do, i chose to give it a try and write in this blog. So, sile mahapkan saye yg kurang berpengalaman dalam bidang penulisan ini... =)

VENUE: Tutti Fruity, The Curve

TIME: 5pm – 7.15pm

EVENT: Sempena kebosanan Yah

THEME: Gaya bebas

ATTENDANCE: Yah, Emmy, Amal, Yos, and Yours Truly, Nadot ;p

This outing was originally initiated by Yah (as usual.. =)). She texted me around 12 noon ajak minum di Tutti Fruity, Girls only! (Dude buat2 mrajuk, tp sy mrajuk betul2 dgn lebey hebat..jd, haruslah sy menang.. ;p). So i called Emmy asking if she has any reason not to join this outing (You see, she always have like hundredth of reason bila tidak dapat join kami kuar... like on-call la, kerja la, dah ada janji la etc... – sbb ini saye tidak mahu menjadi doktor..hoho). She was at work and she said she might be able to join coz she’ll be arriving home just before 5pm. Yah plak posted on twitter ajak yang lain, but only Amal was free. So, ended up only 4 of us + Yoz who joined the partaayyy ( outing bersama kawan2 adalah bersamaan dengan partaaayy ok...).

After Asar, Yah picked me and Emmy (yg tensen sbb tak sempat tidur kejap lps keje) and drive us to the Curve. Amal and Yoz were already there waiting for us. All the seats in front of the Tutti Fruity were occupied so we sat at the restaurant next door, Nyonya Colors. Amal ordered rojak buah + nescafe & kerana saya mengidam roti jala, sy sungguh gembira ada roti jala dijual ni nyonya colors so i ordered a plate. Then, Yoz jage tempat, and 4 of us girls dengan jakunnye (except Amal) pergila amek eskrem dekat Tutti Fruity.

The price is RM5.30 for 100 grams. There were 2 sizes of cup and we took the small one (still big enuff to put all flavours of frozen yoghurt/ice cream). I believe all of us (again, except amal) never thought that we would exceed 100-200 grams coz our cups were still not full. So, being the jakuns, Yah, Emmy and I tried to penuhkan our cups with many flavours of ice creams, fruits, choc chip, other toppings and etc. Amal’s cup only half full. She paid first, and was charged RM12.00++. I paid next and was charged RM18.00++, then Yah have to pay RM19.00++ and the tamakest girl, Emmy, was charge RM24.00++...hohohoho... Though the price was quite expensive it was worth it though. The frozen yoghurt tasted great, plus they were supposed to be healthy – yoghurt, low fat, low calories, so ok la, tak banyak la lemak yg bertambah...hoho..

Here are few benefits (katanya...) of these frozen yoghurts taken from their website Health Benefits:

Strengthens the immune system, Prevents constipation, diarrhoea and bloating, Prevents colon cancer, Lowers blood pressure, Lowers cholesterol levels, Reduces inflammation, Improves mineral absorption, Prevents harmful bacteria, Promotes health bacteria and enzymes that are good for the body.

Rasa-rasanya dengan benefits di atas, akankah rasa rugi with the price charged?..haruslah tidaaakk... ;p

See how full mine and Yah’s cups. Amal tak nampak apa pun. Emmy, tgh korek purse untuk bayar, maybe tak sangka sampai RM24++..hohoho

The roti jala from the nyonya colors however, was not good at all. The curry was bad, guna santan instant je rasenye (but i’ve cooked using instant punya santan, still tasted better..huhu). The rojak buah, nothing special about it. Sama je rase dgn rojak buah kat tempat lain. So ok je la...

So while eating, we talked about everything, my weigh lost when naked (Yoz turut menjadi pndgr setia..hohoho), Amal’s team building, Yah’s new gym at work, Emmy’s plan to move to Sabah, gossiping, mengumpating (i make sure my baby was sleeping during this session..hehe) and etc. Teringin nak main paint ball bila amal cerita her experience doing so during her team building, but i said Shidah & I (shidah, sorry masukkan name ko...tersedak x??..hoho) akan baring je kat belakang kubu sampai la group menang (make sure, group dgn amal..;p)...

Serius tatau apa yg panjang sgt dimerepekkan, and tau juge banyak yg tak relevant..tapi ada aku kesah?, better stop before i merepekking any further. Zeila, amal dll, your guys turn next!... So till fingers meet keyboard again, LATER!!

Sila perhatikan eskrem emmy yang menggunung.. ;p

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  1. yeay!!!! saya bangga dengan kawan-kawan saya! tengkiu Nadot. walaupun kita je yg bace belig ni. haha