Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its February Baybeh..definitely another parteyhhh :)

Holaaaa guys...

sorry for the long silence..

basically we don't blog if there isn't any occasion or celebration going on among us..heeee..

so u might see its being updated gradually..depends la kot..'s the teaser as well (tiru Yah)

the entry is coming soon..real soonnn..

keep the fingers crossed for Amal to finally end her "aku-busy-gila-babi-sebab-department-aku-public holiday-sabtu-ahad-kene-kerja-weh" fever soon :p

ouh..the entry will be our "Picnic Birthday Party" for February darlings namely Rashidah, Sara n Safuraa

the funny part, it was celebrated at two different venues..ahaaa..we have a story on that..kamkabut jer...tunggu yer

p/s: amal...get ur hands on the keyboard cepat n mula lah berblogging...nguehehheheheh

meanwhile, I will leave u ol with thez few pics of us "kawan sehingus"

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