Friday, January 7, 2011

Reasons and reasons (because we love to explain).


Welcome to our blog.

This blog is created based on friendship. So what you all will read and see from this blog is mostly our activities and whatever we decided to put in. Sharing pictures is the main thing. (Yes, we are vain like that one, Facebook is not enough. Must show the whole world. hehe)

So far we have 3 contributers for this blog but it more will be add soon. 

A bit of history. We've been friends since we were 13. Since Yusry was a hot stuff and Backstreet Boys are still.... err.... boys? So, boys becomes men and here we are still friends and we were wondering, what's so cool about us that makes us still stay together? (vain I know)

Well, read this blog and you'll know why. 

Hope you'll like it.

P/S: Previous posts are all imported from my personal blog. Just to heat up things a bit. Stay tune! We have  a post coming up.

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  1. sapik kamu pnye post x siap lagi ke..hahha