Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheers to Weddings and Pregnancy!

We cheers to weddings and pregnancies announcement because it means only 1 thing.

It's time to PARTY!

Goodies from : Dear Azalea
Pictures from : Amalz nyam_nyam

We are all party freaks. Guilty as charge.

Head of party. The organizer.

It was a post wedding party. This time around we celebrate for two! Both of them already married last month but we all have no time to organize anything. Better late than never!

The Brides

Scrumptious Restaurant was chosen to be the venue. No sleepover because few can make commitment (we are getting old and old people have lots of responsibilities (T_T)) hence not much activities can be done except eat and cam-whoring. Nonetheless, it was great and perfect! Give food and camera to us, we know how to entertain ourselves. Hehe.

Goodies. Cotton candy is TDF.

Food wise, not bad though it is a bit pricey for simple fusion foods that they serve but the ambiance is very nice and clean. The waitress also very nice and friendly. Overall OK. 5 for food and 10 for decorations. Even the toilets were nice and clean. Recommended for events but definitely I am not going there for my date night.

Among the foods that we ordered.

Awesome deco. Great for those who loves camera like us.

Outside. Feeling London padahal panass terik nak mati.

It was nice to gather with friends once in a while. Talking crap and laughing at each other's silly jokes. No matter how busy we are, we still make effort, put aside our family for a while and be the teenager that we used to be. That the secret of us looking so young and pretty! Hoho!

See? All young and pretty kan? kan? KAN? SAY IT!


Yours truly

So tell me, what do you guys do with your friend to stay intact?


  1. soke..
    klu camni sy rela tido lmbt utk edit gmbr2 cantek utk bg kamu bahan utk diblogkan..bole??

  2. ye amal..sile...
    yah..kat sni la tmpt kami nak capub,,
    ok..siloe updet dgn lebih kerap..laptop da ade kan?kan?ahahahah

  3. Tgk anak2 riang gembira ni, lupa ada yg dah jadi mak org!!