Sunday, May 9, 2010

The nice nice shoe and the happy happy weekend!


I'm sorry I haven't update much. No excuse. I just don't feel like updating this blog.

So, how was your weekend? I had a really great one! We had a party, a farewell party to say goodbye to our dear friend that will be migrating to uncle sam's this June. A summer dress party and hell yeah we had so much fun!

This the the girl who is brave enough to follow her heart. I suppport whatever you do, babe. Remember that.

Anyway, this is my outfit for daytime party. I kindda like this one. And look at my shoe!! Finally I got a chance to show it off. Selama ni kecantikannye tersorok di bawah jeans saja. Hehe.

And this is the night outfit. Sweet kan? Baju la bukan saya. Hehe. And the little one dressing up according to theme as well. This is before we had our fatty crab. I love it so much.

Okey, couldn't update much. I have a mountain full of workload shit that I have to settle today.

Group photo!

P/S: dress sponsored by aien. Hehe

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1 comment:

  1. ye yeah..we did it..
    anotha successful n fun party.
    lucky for us to have u in d party..artis undangan

    ain..we love u...