Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ikan di laut, asam di darat, dalam periuk bertemu juga!

Yeay its my turn! Yup, i know this post kinda late. But, whatever! Better be late than ever!

What will sehingus babes says for any party or reunion or makan-makan lepak-lepak Session?

We will say YEAYYYY sambil joget goyang bontot!*yup,we are party freak like that*

Party : Breakfast with Aien and Peiji

*Post Wedding Party to be exact*
Venue: Pink Sage Solaris Dutamas
Theme : Pink and Brown
Date: 26th March 2011

The props and Pink Sage's decorations. The gebu one is the cutest props ever, u cannot get from any website or party shop.

What is party without camwhore and posing?

The foodspread. Just average.Tak boleh lawan Chilis. *Chilis kipas susah mati*

Tapi.... tetap makan sampai licin. Hahahaha!

The best girlfriends. The crazy team. Kenal di usia 13, zaman lap peluh kat belakang tudung. Still berkawan di zaman Hana Tajima. And hope this friendship will be forever.

Group photos that will never end. Ok ok, last picture. Ok last lagi. Ok kali ni betul-betul serius last.

Iphone aku pulak. Pasni BB I pulak ok .Ok last from this camera pulak. *Woi dah la tu woi*LOL

Last but not least. The lovebird. There's something about u two that says FOREVER.

Peiji, Please take care of our little sister-Aien. We always have faith that you two are meant to be together.

In a sad mode: Even we are 12 hours different, we will keep in touch with each other. Kalau main salji tu, ingat2 la kami di Malaysia yang kepanasan ni.

In a excited and happy mode: InsyaAllah, kalau ade terpijak duit sejuta or our piggy bank is enough, (we are in progress of saving btw) we will be there and camwhore like crazy like no one business.

p/s-Refer to the title. Sape ikan sape asam. Cer teka periuk tu kat mana?


  1. Terharu bc post ni.. So glad i know all of you walaupun sy penyibuk batch laen tp nk jgk sebok hehe. Waaaa lame lg nk blk msia sobs...

    Yg p/s tu knape sy bace mcm phm ape yg dimaksudkan oppsss haha

  2. Sedih xleh join time nih.. Aku mc.. Tp aku ttp kwn sehingus kan?