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Birthday party 2011- FEBRUARY babies

On 20th Feb 2011 kawan2 sehingus, we had threw a surprise birthday party for these 3 lovely birthday girls.

Shida Smiley 1202

Sare 1702

Fura 2402

Since kitorg dah lama mengidam nk buat party di tepi tasik ala2 omputih gitu, so we had agreed to choose the venue @ Desa Park City, Kepong. Breakfast at the Park, the theme it is and why we choose that area? konon sbb ade tasik yg cantik, rumput yg hijau so gamba2 sure akan cantik jugak. haha konon la kan.

tasik yang indah

enjoying our breakfast


OK so for the foods kitorg decide buat Potluck je since semua pon rajin2 nak masak kan, ehemm. the foods were among others, homemade muffin by puan yah, sandwich by Amal, nasi lemak and roti canai by pnut, cokelat & popia goreng by zilla, nugget & cekodok by Nadot and last but not least special request caramel pudding made by Shida, haha although she is 1 of birthday girls tapi kene paksa jugak bwk food. Everyone was sporting and excited for this breakfast session, ada alas kain petak2 special lagi, muffins & fruits' basket, bunga2 cantik for deco.

birthday cake

the Foods

As usual to add the fun, we also choose colour theme on that day, Brown. this time around everyone seems to wear the right theme colour including all our beloved husband, fiancee & baby. Bagus sekali ya.


yeahh we had fun initially, especially that we managed to eat + camwhore in a such nice weather under great blue sky ambience, but that was all before we were being ambushed by this few of security guard who claims that the area is supposed to be ‘private’ property so no events or functions were allowed in the park. Huh, konon la private property, nyampah.

konon muke sedih kene halau tapi amalina tetap maintain dgn payung kuning

Ces bedebah, mmg anti climax betul pakcik ni, initially kitorg nak argue jugakla, serious tak puas hati sbb kitorg bukannya nak buat kotor ke party bogel ke kan, menceriakan park tu lagi ada, plus there is no signboard whatsoever tulis warning tu ke hape. suami Yah iaitu abg Pica dah lipat lengan baju nak lawan pakcik guard tak paham bahasa melayu tu, but in the end kitorg malas nak lawan sbb die dah bawak kuncu2 die dtg nk bg amaran lebih keras kat kitorg.

cubaan abg pica memujuk pakcik guard tidak berjaya

So, itenary belum habis lagi, birthday present not yet given, then we've decided to move the event to our favourite place iaitu Kestana, apartment kepunyaan Yah & Abg Pica, since it is the nearest place that we can think of masa tu plus ade pool kat situ. Lucky enough, takde orang swimming lagi during that time, so apa lagi, kitorg bentang la alas meja petak2 tepi pool and continue bersuka ria makan+camwhoring+gossip lagi dan lagi.

bersantai di tepi kolam

sesi potong cake

kegembiraan terpancar, Sare suka sangat die eh

Last but not least, upacara penyampaian hadiah birthday. FYI, wishlist has been given beforehand for them to choose their birthday present. Disebabkan diorg ada kawan2 sehingus yang baik hati & penyayang, we had tried our best and make an effort to fulfil those. So, Shida had wished for the black handbag, Sare for bling2 glamourous accesories, and Fura wants high heels from Charles & Keith and their wish came true, but before they get the presents, we had requested them to entertain us with any kind of dancing and that was hillarious, asyik gelak je sume pon tapi mereka sume sgt sporting, yela kalau tak buat tak dapat pulak present kan. Anyhow, we hope they are happy getting those lovely presents.

sesi buka hadiah

bersama hadiah masing2

Group photo by the pool with Sare & Fura showing off their bday cake

Anak2 yg gembira bermain air

Afterall, all of us enjoyed the fun, so next in line, we will celebrate birthday party for August babies. Cant wait for another good times with bff. We had fun for sure, catching up each others' stories, playing charades and also camwhoring like nobody business. Love u guys.

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