Saturday, October 24, 2009

Every girl deserve to have friends like mine

It's a pure blessing when we are blessed with such a wonderful friends, right?

It was during our dear friend in red bacheloratte party held at Redbox Ria @ Sogo the other day. We had so much fun laughing, singing, and dancing all the way until late.

The theme for the day was angels & a devil. Of course the bride-to-be was the devil. We should inform her particularly to come with a red dress for a nicer effect but instead we just told her to wear something red

The angels are suppose to get those circle thingy ape ntah nama dia yang letak atas kepala tu but because we were in a tight budget so we decided to use mask instead. Although that was after a funny disagreement between the three party planners (one of us actually wanna be blonde angel but malu-malu kucing nak pertahankan idea dia haha).

With Ms single~the adorable party planner 1. Always reliable and a friend keeper. She is not single by the way. Happily married. She claim that the mask was the only one left for her. Yeah right! Hahaha.

Ms Bad~the cute party planner 2 who wanted to be blonde for the day. Somehow she never wins any argument with us. I wonder why. Haha

It was supposed to be a surprise party to Ms devil. We managed to book a decent size room huge enough for 7 of us. Arrived at 7pm to decorate then we kick start with some old songs and buffet while waiting for Ms devil who supposedly arrive at 8pm.

buffet time

And guess what? After few round of buffet, spice girls, backstreet boys and barbie girl she finally arrived at 9pm! Harusla yang dirai sudah dilupakan setelah 2 jam penat menanti dan berparty tanpa henti. Haha.

Before we shout "SAPRAISSSS!!!" But she enter the room with a blur face and we can't stop laughing so I guess "saprais" tak menjadi huh?

~Ms devil ~

Dan disebabkan orang yang dirai datang lambat, this party we decided to dedicate the party to Ms Sexy because she was conquering the mic like seriously. Dia sorang je pegang feeling sorang2 ni. Hahah.

Yours truly and Ms Sexy. Time ni je dia tak pegang mic. Haha.

We had a great time. A really great time together. Looking back, we already known each other for more than 2 decades and it is really amazing how the friendship keeps on going and how close we are even though we are all busy with our own life, work & family. I thank the internet. :)

I cherish you all and love you all to bits!

P/S: Congratulation Ms devil! I know you are going to be a beautiful bride and a great wife. :)

Weight Meter Reading~Day 2.

Weight to lose : 14kg
Weight lost/(gain) today: 1kg
Weight lost to date : 1kg

Yeay! exercise really work! Another 13kg to go.


  1. wahahahhaha
    sy paling love this post..
    i lap yew yah...n ol of our frens!
    each n every one of em :)

    btw,aku mls je nak serlahkan kemenangan aku.takot korg kate aku jipang cam pengawas..huhuhu..i dun care,party nadot t wlupn bertudung labuh ke wt kat umah SIL die ke..aku tetap nak blonde.jgn bli merepk2 da pasni..blonde sudah...


  2. I lap yew too pinat.

    Iyelah blonde tapi bukan kita dah buat utk nadot ke?

  3. 1st sekalik aku nk ckp, since when abg sapinat ade blog & sgt b'sawang kot blog die, its been a year plus tak ok jugak kots drpd takde kekuatan menulis blog lgsg seperti aku kan..hahah..aku suke bermuke buku saje buat mase skrg..hihihi..

    2ndly, yah, i lap yew too...kamu sume adalah treasure aku smpi bebile...

    ouh puan yah..mari ber'step' ber'body jam and ' ber'line dance funk' bersame aku eh..

    cik aien kite pon dh join fitness first ke or still with not-so-cool gym kt bwh opis aku tu..hikhikhik..
    ckp kt die nk join gak swimming kt umah die tu..

  4. Amal,

    tula abg sapinat tu satu post je baik takyah ade blog. hehe.

    Aien masih di gym yang tak cool tu. haha. amal pujuk ah dia masuk FF. Aku dah penat pujuk.

    Aku body jam ke step ke ok lagi part line dance funk tu meremang sikit ah tgk belly dance. Aku kayu. wahahaha.

    Jom swimming! Tp saturday ko nak teman furaa nikah kan?

    Alamak kita buat cam email lak. hihi

  5. hihi..tu la pasal..

    aku akan pujuk aien itu..boring gile kot bersenam tgk dinding..haha

    aah aku teman fura nikah pg tu, tp aku tgh takut muke aku bengkak sbb jumaat ade surgery gigi..demn betol..

    yah, aku pon nk buat blog la..nk start advertise kan project beads aku..nnt aku tanye ko eh klu tak tau...

  6. Kita JV nak? let's discuss. This sunday breakfast. orait?

  7. mane ade aku slalu pegang mic yah...skali skale je...hohoho...

    blonde pnut..i like...hihi

    alar...swimming la kat public swimming pool...jgn la tinggalkn ku yg x bergym ni...huhuhu

  8. Swimming kat condo Aien la dot.. Bukan gym.. Weh jom. Nanti aku set date aku ajak ko. hihi.

    Betul dot kau sorang je pegang mic. haisyy. :)

  9. isk... kak yut pun nak join gak jap (aku wat muke seposen jee nih)..

    waah waah... seronoknyeee...
    saper yg dapat sore paling 'merdu' mlm itew??

    engkorang mmg dari sekolah dah heppening!!

    ooh,,miss furaa dah jadi mrs 'who'!!!


  10. yang paling merdu takde kak yut. Yang paling buruk adela. hehe